Realtime interactions.

Smallchat lets you engage visitors as they're browsing. People don’t want to wait and put a potential purchase on hold while they wait for an email response. Real-time chat allows you to answer visitor questions in real-time, converting more visitors to customers.

Get Unlimited Operators, Conversations, and Messages. For Free.

Automate Engagement

Get the conversation started! Actively engage visitors with custom trigger messages.

Fully Customizable

Customize your site's widget with quick & easy styling to seamlessly integrate Smallchat with your brand.

💡 All forms & fields are completely customizable to work in any language!

All the Features you need, whatever your business.

Offline Scheduling

Let your customers know when your team is around and available to help.

Auto Messaging

Get the conversation started! Actively engage visitors with custom trigger messages.

Know your Users

Use the Smallchat API to add data and know more about the visitors you're chatting with.

Unlimited Chats

Don't worry about your bill going up if your customers are chatty. Unlimited messages on every tier.

Custom Analytics

Track the number of conversations you're having each month.


Multiple Channels

Manage multiple sites from the same Slack team by creating a channel for each site.

Fully Customizable

Style your widget to match your unique brand.

Edit Sent Messages

No need to fret over typos. Edit or delete messages after they've been sent.

Use Across Multiple Sites

Use Smallchat on multiple sites from a single Slack team, or add multiple Slack teams to a single Smallchat subscription.

Slack + Smallchat

Smallchat integrates seamlessly with Slack. Conversations create a new thread in your support channel.

Support Multiple Languages

Create multiple widgets for different language versions of your site.

Chat On the Go

Chat from Slack's native mobile app, and get notifications when a customer starts a conversation.

Start your conversations today.