Chat with customers.
Using Slack threads.

You already chat with your team on Slack. Now you can connect with customers on your website all from a single Slack channel.

Harnessing the
power of Slack.

Slack's mobile app and notifications are perfect for connecting with your customers from any device.

Each conversation creates a new thread, allowing your team to manage it all from one place.

Pro Tip: With Smallchat Pro, you can add additional sites in their own channel.

Your Workflow

Simplify connecting with your customers without adding the complexity of additional apps. Instead, make your existing workflowwork harder for you.

Your Customers

Engage in real time. Smallchat creates a direct line of communication between your team and your site's visitors. Connect more directly, respond faster, and provide a better experience.

Pro Tip: With Smallchat Pro, create custom auto messages to increase interaction with your customers.

Style to match your unique brand.

Become 1 of over 1200 happy teams!

Your site, plus your Slack.