Features That Work for You.

auto messages

Get the conversation started! Set parameters and greet visitors with custom trigger messages.


Let your customers know when your team is around to help.


Customize your site's widget with easy styling that allows you to seamlessly integrate Smallchat with your brand.


Because everyone should be able to express themselves. πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ


Smallchat was built for freelancers, local businesses and small teams.
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easy setup

Add a single embed script to your site. Tweak the settings, and your widget updates automatically.


Track how many conversations you're having each month.

ban list

Sometimes people can be jerks. Don't let them bother you.


Never worry about hitting limits again. Smallchat has unlimited conversations, operators, and customers

contact list

Quickly and easily view your customer information, or export a CSV to Mailchimp.


Smallchat integrates with Slack threads and notifications so you'll never miss a conversation.

live editing

No need to fret over typos. Edit or delete messages after they've been sent.

Want to use Smallchat with a service you love?

We are currently building out several integrations for Smallchat. Drop us a message if there’s something you wish to see.